Our Ideal Client

As a recruitment agency, we focus on companies in the Civil Construction industry (civil engineering, construction, architecture, and design). Our ideal client is a company in this industry looking to employ talents that will help them drive their business growth. We work with a variety of clients in the industry, including startups, SMEs (small and medium scaled enterprises), and large companies. Also, we help companies recruit for contract and permanent positions.

At Woodland Recruitment, we make it our duty to combine our experience, skills, and expertise to provide our clients with the best candidates for every position every time.

Our Uniqueness

Industry Expertise

Our recruiters have specific experience and expertise in the industry. They understand the uniqueness of this industry and the kind of people that succeed there. Consequently, they can evaluate every candidate for their fitness within the industry.

Our experience in this industry also means we have worked with different companies in the past. We have worked with companies varying in size, culture, and goals. Whatever the nature of your company, we will help you to recruit the best talents in the industry. ]

Furthermore, our experience opens a wide vista of job applicants to us. People trust us, and when we recruit, they are always eager to get on-board. We have a large pool of candidates from which we will get you the very best.

Business Partner

One thing we always emphasize is that Woodland Recruitment is more than a recruitment agency. Because we are your business partner, our aim goes beyond getting you a new employee. Our objective is to see your businesses grow and help achieve your goals.

Consequently, we work with you through the entire process as a partner. We pay attention to your company’s goals and plans. We seek to understand every detail of your business so we can provide you with a perfect match.

A critical aspect of this is that we seek to understand your company culture, so we recruit candidates that fit in. We place importance on the skills and the industry fitness, but we go beyond that to pay attention to the culture of every company and recruit the candidates that will fit into that culture.


An essential part of collaboration is communication. This is an integral part of our business. We will carry you along at every step of the recruitment process. That is what partners do.


Our Guarantee

As a company, we guarantee that we will:

Our Process

1. Agreement and On-boarding

When you contact us, we will take you through an onboarding process where you gain a better understanding of how we operate as a company. You will understand how our company will help you at every stage of our partnership.

At the end of the process, there will be a contract agreement that formalizes our relationship.

2. Familiarization

This is, for us, an essential part of the entire process. We seek to gain adequate knowledge of every aspect of your business – company culture, company structure, company goals (short, medium, long term).

3. Recruitment

After this, we begin the recruitment process, carrying you along at every step.

4. Follow-up

Because we are partners and not merely a recruitment agency, we will seek regular feedback about the employees we provide you.