Our Ideal Candidate

Woodland is a recruitment agency that focuses on the needs of companies in the civil construction industry. Our ideal candidates are experienced talents with expertise in the civil construction industry and entry-level job seekers educated and passionate about the civil construction industry. We are not a generic recruitment agency. Therefore, all our jobs (entry-level or experienced hire) are in the civil construction industry.

If your passion, education, experience, and skills are in this industry, we would love to see you apply for our advertised positions.

Our Uniqueness

Employer Assessment
We screen every employer we work with. Just as we pay attention to your quality as candidates, we pay attention to the quality of employers. We conduct a detailed assessment to guarantee that our employers are credible people who provide the right working conditions and environment.
Fair Process
Our recruitment process is fair and transparent. We do not show any favoritism. All the factors we consider in our recruitment process are based on the industry and company. We show no bias in our recruitment. You can be sure of a level playing ground whoever you are.
One of the most frustrating things for candidates is companies ghosting them after applying for a job. Communication is one of the things we value most in this company. We will give you detailed information at every stage of the recruitment, so you are not in the dark.
We have connections to a wide range of employees in this industry. Our clients keep coming back because of the quality we offer. Therefore, we have an extensive repository of clients who trust us with their recruitment. You can be sure of finding good jobs here.

Our Guarantee

As a company, we guarantee we will:

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    Our Process


    When we get job openings from our clients, we will feature those jobs on our website. You will get access to all the jobs we have on offer.


    When you apply for any of our jobs, we will take you through the screening process where we use certain criteria to identify the candidates that will continue to the interview stage


    The candidates that succeed at the screening stage will participate in our scheduled interviews.

    Reference Check

    Just as we screen employers to ensure credibility, we will also screen you to confirm the validity and reliability of all your information.


    We will come up with a shortlist from which our clients will choose.


    If you are the successful candidate, we will handle your negotiation process to help you get the best deal.

    Follow up

    To ensure that the employer is keeping their end of the package, we will conduct regular follow up.