About Us

Woodland Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency in Canada, providing expert and professional talents for companies in the civil construction market. We have helped companies in the civil construction market fill the gap in their human resources pool. We have worked with companies of varying sizes, including SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and large companies. We collaborate with companies to provide them the right human resources that will combine with their other resources to achieve critical business goals.

Our Inspiration

The Civil Construction industry, like every other industry, has its uniqueness. We discovered that many recruiters are generalists who provide companies in the industry candidates without specific regard for the essential skills that qualify someone to work in this industry.

Secondly, we found that many recruiters pay little attention to the culture of the company during the recruitment process.

These two factors result in many mismatches that have negative consequences for both the recruiter and the employer. We also understand that the employees a company recruit can be the difference between success and failure.

All of these factors inspired us to start a recruitment agency with a difference. We wanted a recruitment agency where the recruiters have experience in the civil construction industry. This experience will help them to recruit candidates that are perfect for the industry. Also, we wanted an agency that pays close attention to the company’s culture and how a candidate will fit in. We wanted to understand every business, paying close attention to their goals and strategies, and the kind of workforce they need to get there.

Woodland Recruitment is the result of these efforts. At Woodland Recruitment, we pride ourselves on being the recruitment agency that employs the best candidates for the industry and the company. Our unique approach to recruiting makes us different from others.

Our Aim

Our goal is to help companies in the civil construction market recruit candidates that align with their culture and are a perfect fit for their current and future goals. While doing this, we want to establish a healthy and productive long-term relationship with our clients. Our goal is to go beyond a recruitment agency and build a strong partnership.

Our overall goal is to help more companies in the civil construction industry succeed. What gives us the greatest pleasure is seeing companies achieve their goals while growing beyond their expectations. This is what inspires the staff of Woodland Recruitment.